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The works of Roberto Piaia “fly” to New York

Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, known as “the most beautiful gallery in Chelsea,
New York City”, is delighted to present and shine the reflections of Roberto Piaia’s exciting works of art in an exhibition featuring the fascinating title: “Halloween Masquerade”.

Chelsea-New York City, is the epicenter of the world of international art.
The great apple offers countless possibilities for an artist like Piaia capable of creating special, innovative works, such as the shape of the “empty spiral of his sculptures”.

The Critical Committee of the prestigious Amsterdam Whitney Gallery was impressed by the works of Piaia, and have proposed to the master to join their famous “Artists’ Family”.
Experience with Amsterdam Whitney Gallery begins with the collective exhibition “Halloween Masquerade”. Five works of Piaia are exhibited for the occasion: a bronze, a resin and three oil paintings on canvas visible in the Gallery Website.

Piaia’s statues are appreciated by the lightness and the harmonicity of plastic that, in contrast to the types of material used, make the object unique and almost diaphanous, the invisible becomes visible in a game of visual illusion where, from the voids, appear the Perfect shapes of the body represented.

Critical Committee Amsterdam Whitney Gallery writes in criticism:
Part icons, part dreams, the artworks of Roberto Piaia are awash in bold patterns, vibrant colors, and daring silhouettes. His unique aesthetic juxtaposes pensive, realistic figures in dramatic scenery or pose. Deeply emotive, Mr. Piaia creates visceral figures that intrigue the eye as his female forms pulsate with life, celebrating the harmony of light and color. Wistfulness, vulnerability, and strength enhance the matrix into each figure’s inner character as his powerful sculptures and paintings offer a tantalizing, fresh syntax into the deep heart’s core. Infused with expressionist elements, Mr. Piaia captures an intimate vision of the human soul as his figurative compositions are provocatively rendered with a powerful, emotional poignancy.

«The expressionist poetry of Piaia’s works emphasize female iconography by highlighting their artistic essence, their lives, and exploring the spontaneity and the drama of women in the world.

The visual intensity and psychological drama in your superb resin sculpture “Genesis” reveals a timeless romantic perspective and passionately captures the excitement and visceral mystique of the Female Silhouette. Your impassioned brushstrokes creatively encapsulate a sensuous and unique artistic vision in “Past Reflections” with poignancy as it radiates a poetic artistic viewpoint.
We have enjoyed your visual journey with its lyrical, compelling composition that reflects a unique sensitive “Third Eye.”
Your haunting “Rest in Assurfivo” reverberates with a powerful interplay of light interacting with vibrant tonal combinations, as it is juxtaposed with a superb perspective while seductively revealing the allure of the feminine mystique.
Your compelling sculpture “Mudra” treasures the essence of the Female with its eternal visual symbolism and embodies a timeless message while offering a powerful, sensitive narrative. We salute you on your intriguing female portraits and sculptures, which convey the invisible within the visible of the Feminine Person and seizes the essence of the emotional and physical experience of women with a deep sensitivity».

The wine during the “vernissage” is offered by the Winery “Il Colle”.
The tasting is represented by the excellent Prosecco of the Cellar “Il Colle”, Company located in the heart of the production area of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Italy.

Info Roberto Piaia:
Nebelhornstr. 2 | 87719 Mindelheim – Germany
P: +49 8261 7089916 F.: +49 8261 7088957
M. D.: +49 152 04668467 M.Ita: +39 339 2064275
e-mail: WebSite:

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The works of Roberto Piaia “fly” to New York