Prize Free Time Award People of the Year Roberto Piaia

Two master spiral-shaped sculptures will be on display inside the Embassy, as well as impeccable style of paintings. The Spiral attibute is a recognition to Piaia for the innovative idea of the latest sculptural creations.
Built using statuary marble or bronze casting through lost wax processes, the statues are created with the face, the hands and the feet, where the typical Piaia executional skills stand out.
This world premier innovation consists in the creation of the body: the volume structure is built around a double helix which wraps around itself; with a “full” visual effect in which the form is underlined through a coil, while the void appears suddenly, leaving room for imagination.
This is a very difficult job, attempted by many but never actually realized, characterized by a precise study of solids and voids, realized in a perfect balance of matter that does not need any support.
These statues employ strange perception and perspective, and seem impossible to achieve in reality, furthermore, they take us back to a strong mathematical component by the master who inspired Piaia: Dutch graphic engraver Maurits Cornelis Escher, 1898-1972.
His works unite the classical to the dynamic, proving through these (in addition to execution ability), that he can shape art with novelty, and not so much to create completely new artworks.

Works presented:
“Over” Bronze work L.118 cm.
This statue is created with an original metal alloy that amalgamates bronze to one part of steel; the overall view creates a futuristic effect, involving our senses and transporting us in flight towards the unreal towards, the dream.
“Mudra” Bronze work A.97 cm.
The embracing spiral defines and outlines the soft feminine features; the golden coating on the outside and black on the inside, on top of enhancing the flexible forms of this bronze statue, brings us back to the “Assurfivo” style: unmistakeable painting technique created by Roberto Piaia.
Only a great compositional experience and a deep knowledge of the subject, have allowed Roberto Piaia, after years of intense research and study, to realize his creations through drawings, sketches and oils on canvas with bodies outlined through a spiral.


Inserito da Carmen De Guarda il 17 Settembre 2016