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Max Papeschi – La Société du Spectacle

Como, November 3rd 2015
MAG, Tomo Gallery and the Italian Culture Institute of Osaka present
Max Papeschi – La Société du Spectacle Max Papeschi’s #mostradiffusa
Curated by Salvatore Marsiglione, Tomoharu Aoyama and Stefano Fossati.
Osaka on Wednesday November 18th at 6.00pm Istituto Italiano di Cultura : Nakanoshima Festival Tower 17F, Nakanoshima 2-3-18, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005 Japan
On exhibit from November 18th to December 3rd 2015
info Como : +39 3287521463 info Osaka :+81 06 62278556
With the support of the Italian Culture Institute of Osaka
With the Patronage of the Consulate General of Italy in Osaka. With the Patronage of Kyoto City
With the Patronage of the Foundation Italy Japan
With the Patronage of Luigi Russolo Association
MAG with Tomo Gallery of Kyoto and the Italian Culture Institute of Osaka are pleased to announce another major international event, exclusively produced for the Japanese market.
Max Papeschi – La Société du Spectacle
The great success and the extraordinary welcome of the Japanese people during the last year exhibition “That’s all Folks”, which held at our partner gallery TOMO Gallery of Kyoto, encouraged us to give a wider vision of Papeschi’s Universe, proposing another #mostradiffusa between Kyoto and Osaka.
Max Papeschi, International artist of full-blown fame for his biting, ironic style of deep social denunciation, gives us the excuse to ponder about contemporary human history, from World War II to nowadays.
During the last century the image of multinational companies and globe’s top powerful reached and often exceeded the reliability of their contents, the great contemporary importance is so the conception that the others have of us!
As a reborn Robin Hood, Papeschi “steals” from the network, the pictures of the powerful, of the multinational corporations, of the strong powers, he adjusts their sense, he puts them together, he cuts and sews them up, till giving us a different appearance, a vision which makes us reflect about the real essence of the protagonists. All this without any judgements, he does not want to do it, he is not at all a judge, but an artist and his mission is to give in any of his artworks the incitement to think about history in a different way, digging up in events’ depth.
On Wednesday November 18th at 6.00pm the art show “La Société du Spectacle” will be opened at the new, but already well-known, “Spazio Arte” at the Italian Culture Institute of Osaka. The exhibit was already displayed the last year in Kyoto but it will be its first time in Osaka.
Italian Culture Institute’s Director Stefano Fossati chose the artworks whose common denominator is the artist’s denunciation about the hypocrisy of all the world leaders and rulers, they seem to be powerful and to manage our destiny, instead they are puppets, actors on the payroll of the real powerful ones. Like in all his artworks, Papeschi has therefore decided to put the faces of these men and women on actors, actresses, and singers’ bodies. This exactly to say that the International society is like a show and they are the main marionettes.
Salvatore Marsiglione

MAG gallery Como

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