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Davide Puma in Rebirth – international solo exhibition – Osaka

Osaka,October 22nd 2015

Italian Culture Institute of Osaka and MAG Gallery present
Davide Puma’s solo show

Curated by Stefano Fossati and Salvatore Marsiglione

Knowledge Theater, Grand Front Osaka Saturday December 5th at 12.00pm

From December 5th to December 18th 2015

info Como : +39 3287521463 info Kyoto : +81 75 5854160
info Osaka :+81 6 62278556

Exhibit at:
Italian Cultural Institute: Nakanoshima Festival Tower 17F, Nakanoshima 2-3-18, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005 Japan

With the Patronage and support of the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka
With the Patronage of Consulate General of Italy in Osaka
With the Patronage of the Association Luigi Russolo

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 10.00am – 9.00pm / Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm

MAG – Marsiglione Arts Gallery – in close cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka, with the Patronage of the Consulate General of Italy in Osaka, with the Patronage of the Association Luigi Russolo and the support of TOMO Gallery in Kyoto, presents “REBIRTH” Davide Puma’s solo show .
With this solo show MAG and the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka end the the series of art exhibitions and events that marked the fall season of the two entities in 2015.
Unique visual artist invited to participate in the festival DIM 2015 and coherent with the joie de vivre that music instills us, Davide Puma created for the Italian Cultural Institute in Osaka some artworks with animals’ portraits with human expressions. The main artwork will be “Quando nasci non puoi più nasconderti” “Once you are born you can no longer hide” a tribute to the Grand Master of the whole world culture Leonardo da Vinci, inspired by Tavola Doria”, “The Battle of Anghiari” that until May 29th 2016 will be exhibited in Japan.
The other works by Davide Puma are rich of human intensity, animals’s portraits always with human expressions and persons that comunicate their feelings of surprise, happiness, sometimes quizzical, but always with intensity and irony.
The complexity of the natural cycle, of the elevation to the divine Creator at enmity with humans’ presence, of nature’s regeneration, are expressed through a very direct concept about rebirth; he affirms “ I can do nothing else than sprout up and bloom” . This thought, so full of poetry, hope and firm belief, is human evolution’s basis; he highlights “ I can not escape growth and rebirth, it is part of me, of us all”.
Davide Puma, born in 1971,approached painting during adulthood, actually for more years he had been twisting around his vocation until 2013 when its calling became so strong that he could no longer avoid it and he started to immerse himself totally into the matter. In just very few years his artworks have been presented by prestigious art galleries in whole Italy from North to South and called the attention to him of Paris and Geneva’s ones that have been producing his solo shows. It is Poetry which gives him inspiration and “food” to represent the contrast between human beings and nature, humans and cosmos, between animal and floral world.
In his vision, the one enters in the other with an organized confusion , you contemplate Davide Puma’s painting for long time, there is not a one specific point of view, a reason does not exist in his personal depiction, each artwork gives the possibility to each of us to confer to it a different meaning giving us original emotional intensity. The aesthetic power of his art comes from the soil, a very material technique obtained using often the spatula shows a palpable tension, while the evanescent poetics of his vision creates an impalpable and penetrating atmosphere, all at the same time. In his artworks we find body and spirit, both with an intense personality.
Salvatore Marsiglione

MAG gallery Como

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